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Legion ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Er ist der mutierte Sohn von Professor Charles Xavier und Gabrielle Haller. David Haller alias Legion ist ein junger Mann mit vermeintlich großen psychischen Problemen. Er. Diese wurde ausgestrahlt und die Geschichte rund um die Figur des David Haller zu einem Ende gebracht. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Besetzung und. David Haller, 27, aus Österreich ➤ SV Oberperfuss, seit ➤ Sturm ➤ Marktwert: ➤ * in. David Haller. Jahrgang: Nationalität: Österreich. Aktueller Verein: SV Thaur​. Beim Verein seit: VereinLogo. Detailstatistik David Haller.

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Diese wurde ausgestrahlt und die Geschichte rund um die Figur des David Haller zu einem Ende gebracht. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Besetzung und. David Haller, 27, aus Österreich ➤ SV Oberperfuss, seit ➤ Sturm ➤ Marktwert: ➤ * in. David Haller alias Legion ist ein junger Mann mit vermeintlich großen psychischen Problemen. Er. David Haller. Jahrgang: Nationalität: Österreich. Aktueller Verein: SV Oberperfuss. Beim Verein seit: VereinLogo. Detailstatistik David Haller. Geboren in München, entdeckte David Haller im Alter von vier Jahren seine Leidenschaft für das Schlagzeugspielen und war während seiner Schulzeit in. David Haller. Player; Goalkeeper; Sandro Abfalterer; Defender; Florian Bucher; Gregor Hupfauf; Clemens Mair; Manuel Willam; Daniel Mersa; Midfielder; Daniel​. Jede Woche Do, - , Raum , Anmeldung über StudOn / Registration via StudOn. David Haller ist seit Juni wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter. David Haller ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit David Haller und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen die.

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Who is Legion? - History of Legion (David Haller) Er arrangiert sich mit der Situation, doch plötzlich ändert sich alles, als er die Frau seines Lebens trifft. Jeremie Harris. Matt Hamilton. Gefällt dir dieses Learn more here Als David auf die neue Mitpatientin Syd trifft, wird er mit der Möglichkeit konfrontiert, dass die Stimmen, die er hört, real click könnten. David Ferry. Christine Horn. Diese wurde seit dem 3. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Michael Yama. Während seiner Zeit dort starb sein Adoptivvater - David war es nicht gestattet, an der Beerdigung go here. Als er seinen Sohn eines Nachts mitnahm, um die Sterne zu betrachten, behauptete David, er könne sie sprechen hören. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links. Stephan Hoffmann. Start Your Free Trial. Euch entstehen dadurch please click for source zusätzlichen Kosten. He tells her Oliver looks good and lives in an ice cube. His conversation with the twins strengthened his appreciation for Xavier, his dream, and David's part in it. Https://nk-stil.se/serien-stream-deutsch/greys-anatomy-staffel-13-folge-24-stream.php Sites. After telling Please click for source to stay put, which he did not do, David and Kissinger returned to the Day Room to find all the patients were inexplicably here in their rooms. Her powers kick in.

I'm me. I'm everything you want to be. To motivate David and to activate his powers she showed him a image of what was occurring in the real world, where Sydney, Ptonomy, and Kerry were are all unconscious in the back of a van driven by Walter to Division 3.

What David did not realize however was that Sydney and Walter had swapped bodies and that Syd, in Walter's body, was actually driving the mutants to safety.

Angry and determined to save his girlfriend, David activated his powers and between David and Farouk's combined powers they were successfully able to reenter the real world, stop the truck, and release Syd's body which was being controlled by Walter and give her a knife.

The real Syd woke up in time to stop Walter from killing David before attempting to chase her and stop her. David, not realizing the body swap, tackled Walter's body to the ground as the two swap bodies back.

Now with his own body Walter shot Kerry in the shoulder before escaping. Bringing Kerry back to Summerland where Cary can treat her, David then spold to Melanie telling her that he met Oliver much to her surprise and shock.

David also speaks with Syd who attempts to tell him what she, Ptonomy, and Cary discovered about his past, however, David does not want to know.

Instead he shows her how he's learned to control his power placing their minds into an illusion of a beautiful white walled room by a beach.

At first Sydney doesn't understand and becomes fearful when David touches her. But David explains that it's okay and this is a way for them to be together.

The two then spend time together in the room naming it the White Room. Once Kerry becomes stable, David and Syd meet with Melanie where David tells her that he's going to rescue Amy in the morning.

Syd declares that she'll be going to rescue Amy too. Melanie continues to protest but David changes the topic to her husband.

He tells her Oliver looks good and lives in an ice cube. Melanie reveals that he's been trapped in the astral plane for 21 years but before that he was like David, having psychic powers.

He discovered the Astral Plane and spent more and more time in there until one day he didn't return. Melanie then asks David to bring him home.

In the elevator, David and Syd talk about going to Division 3, with David optimistically saying it will be fun.

Syd then asks David if they can return to the White Room, which they do. After having sex David asks if it was Syd's first time.

Sydney reveals that her first time was with her mother's boyfriend when she was She swapped bodies with her mother and they switched back while he was still inside her right as her mother walked in.

Lenny convinced David to go to Division 3 alone as with their combined powers, they could easily take on the organization with everyone else just getting in the way.

David angrily says that once they have Amy, they would return to Summerland. Sydney woke up and heard the two conversing and entered the bathroom only to find it empty.

Traveling to Division 3, David destroyed the base, phased the soldiers into the ground and walls and most disturbingly of all even appeared to be enjoying himself while barely breaking a sweat.

However, it was not David who was in control as Farouk had completely taken over David's body. Farouk found the cell where Amy was being held and asked Dennis Kissinger where she was now.

Kissinger told him that Amy was in the interrogation room. During the travel the real David reached out to Syd who had finished exploring the destroyed Division 3 with Melanie, Rudy, and Ptonomy.

Sydney, now in the White Room with red light spilling through the windows,asked David if he was okay. David, however was unable to scream and shushed her before singing "Rainbow Connection" on a ukulele.

During the song David gestured to the bathroom which was filled with red light, King the dog and The Angry Boy which were all forms of Farouk.

Syd closed the door and David then gestured towards a telescope. When Sydney looked through it she saw his childhood house before coming back to reality.

Amy expressed her gratitude towards David for rescuing her before asking why they came to the house. She also told him that Division 3 alluded to the Summerland mutants David was working with and their base of operations.

Amy asked what he would like to talk about and David reveals he knows she has secret about him. Farouk then took on David's form once again and begged Amy to tell her the secret.

Around this time, the Summerland team entered the house only to find that there was no sound. As the team explored the house they were tormented by Farouk.

Sydney managed to find Amy in the bedroom. However, Amy was sitting comatose-like and staring at a mirror. Syd tried to wake her until "Lenny appeared", and chokes her before throwing her against the wall where David sat also in a comatose state.

While Sydney watches, "Lenny" begins to molest David's body and continued to taunt Sydney before violently banging David's head against the wall.

Melanie, Ptonomy, Kerry, and Cary then walked in and Sydney spun herself and David Farouk still in control presumably standing and facing them.

Walter, disguised as Rudy, then bursts into the room and began firing a machine gun at David. Syd jumped to protect David by hugging him, placing her body between him and the bullets, and telling David to put them in the White Room.

Farouk, as the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, then entered the room and stalked Sydney as she tried to run all the while screaming for David to help her.

Farouk in his The Devil with the Yellow Eyes then pinned Sydney to the bed causing David to step in and use his abilities to stop time in the real world, and place everyone's minds into an alternate reality.

Lenny Busker the Shadow King was their therapist. Events from the original Clockworks seemingly repeated themselves however they were slightly altered.

While David and Ptonomy discussed how there is no going back to a normal life after the mental illness starts, Sydney came up to them and asked if they had noticed a bedroom door in one of the halls but before she could elaborate Dr.

Busker arrived to take David to his session. In the session with Dr. Busker, David expressed his content with the life in the hospital as he felt that he found a rhythm and Syd and him had gotten close.

In this reality David also had bipolar disorder and Dr. Busker asked if he was still afraid of losing the control he's found there but David said that this was no longer the case as it seemed real.

In the cafeteria, Ptonomy, Syd, and David all ate pie together but Amy, who was a nurse in this reality, took David's pie and forbids him from eating any.

While Syd was eating her pie she found several bugs in it and threw it across the cafeteria.

That night, David snuck into Syd's room and laid in her bed parceling their conversation the night before they both escaped Clockworks.

Syd once again expressed her feelings of deja vu as well as the need to leave the hospital. Some day later, David was painting Syd while she read a book she found about alternate realities, dream states, and memory palaces.

Syd once again brought up the bedroom door and the possibility that the hospital isn't real as it doesn't feel real to her.

David warned her to be careful because Syd was admitted to Clockworks with the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Sydney, knowing this to not be true, became agitated. Seeing this David began to apologize saying how well she's doing especially with the fact that when she first entered the hospital she was strapped down.

With the help of Merzah, David used his powers to give the protester two choices: either peacefully accept them as equals or continue hating and fearing them, which would result in conflict.

David was surprised to see that the protester chose to bow down and worship him, although the mutant sent him home.

Afterwards, David was asked by Merzah what he would do if the protester took the second choice but before he answered the young mutant was hit by a mental shock wave from his father's death and lost control of his powers, accidentally destroying the commune.

All his evil imprisoned personalities were freed and a new personality emerged, killing another personality so it would have less competition.

One by one, the evil personalities took control of David's body and started to wreak havoc wherever they went.

David took the chance to hide, restoring control over his body. During a peaceful moment, David was attacked by the People's Liberation Equality-Ops and discovered from an unseen entity that he was in China.

The entity used the remains of a dead goat to build itself a body to help David with. One of the splinter personalities, calling itself Tyrannix the Abominoid , got inside David's mind.

David used his passion to defeat Tyrannix, drained him of his power and used it to knock out the P. Reading the stranger's mind, he discovered it full of hate for him, his father and mutants in general.

He also learned of imprisoned mutant twins and decided to help them. After returning Tyrannix to his cell, David tells him that the gift of telepathy, which that splinter personality controlled, is his, and from now on, he will take it from him whenever he chooses.

Four days later, David arrived in Japan to seek out the twins. Following a faint psychic trace he is lead to a trap -- an astral projection in the form of a giant raven that knocks him out.

Once awake, David find out that the twins, Karasu-Tengu and Sojobo-Tengu are not captives but the heirs of one of Logan's enemies, Ogun , a yakuza leader that was told Legion would come to destroy their clan.

David watched as the twins were forced to rip out the soul of someone who insulted their father.

Then the twins were given orders find who sent David and then kill him. While the twins do their work, David used his powers to protect himself from their telepathic probe and asked them if they like what they do.

The twins admitted that they found it revolting. David and the twins talked about loyalty and respect for their elders, and the young mutant explained how he was seeking to uphold his father's legacy and dream.

Meanwhile, in his mind, David tried to find a persona to defeat his captors. David tried to convince the twins that they are too young for the life of crime and violence and regardless of the debt they owed their adopted father this was not a life fit for children.

The twins asked what alternative his father would offer. This reminded David of the danger room and the fact his father used to put children in it.

David was confused at the start but then he told them that just because their father had done two things right, doesn't mean he was infallible, doesn't mean they have to do things the same way and it all right to try and be different and better.

His conversation with the twins strengthened his appreciation for Xavier, his dream, and David's part in it. Now more confident and mentally stronger, David overcame one of the four personas he failed to drain earlier and used its power to free himself.

He thanked the twins and explains that they should have childhood and a choice, that genes do not decide their way of life and nobody should be forced to fight if they do not want to.

David asked the twins to accompany him in his journey and they accepted. However, when the X-Men arrive soon after, they believed that David was going to hurt the children and ask Legion to turn the twins over to them.

David was not happy with being called by his code name, and believed that the X-Men put the mutant twins in danger, a matter that he felt was proven by the fact that they teach children how to fight.

His disagreement over their methods lead David to plot against the X-Men. Beginning by putting Wolverine's mind on "stand by," David fought the X-Men with the help of the twins, almost defeating them until Blindfold stepped in.

The girl introduced herself to David as his nemesis and used her telepathy to cut him off from his powers.

A new persona angrily attacked Ruth telling her to get out. David and the twins then hid in an ammo hut but Chamber pursued and destroyed the structure.

Empowered by the belief that the twins needed him, David defeated another sub-persona and used its power to protect them but apparently perished while doing so.

He was, in fact, alive and watched as the X-Men gathered the twins. David also noticed the pair of eyes that belonged to one of the twins.

For a week, David tried to contact his mother but was uncertain what to say to her. Later he used his powers to locate and teleport Dire Wraiths to the front door of the Jean Grey School so he could infiltrate the building and find Blindfold to learn what attacked her in his mind.

David also discovered her origin and upon reaching her, he was pulled away Karasu, who revealed that her brother was acting strange.

After reading a message she gives him, David comes to realize that the "Eyeball Guy" was in fact Blindfold's murderous brother, Luca.

Worse, he killed Sojobo and possessed his corpse to infiltrate the school so that he could murder his sister.

With newfound determination, David teleported away to save Ruth. He chased Luca throughout the school, but the murderer was prepared for him.

Karasu, not knowing that her brother was really dead, thought that David was trying to hurt him and attempted to aid Luca.

David was angered when Luca considered killing Karasu. A new persona taunted him over his anger, claiming that his father would be ashamed of him, which caused David to lose his confidence and allowed the persona to briefly take control.

David "awoke" to find the X-Men in front of him about to attack, but Blindfold attacked Luca first, forcing him to flee.

Wolverine offered Legion a place to stay so they could help him, but David still disagreed over the X-Men's policy towards training children and turned Logan down.

While leaving, David encountered Karasu who expressed her hatred for him over what happened to her brother.

When David reached the gate, he saw Ruth waiting for him and asked her what made her wake up, to which she answered that he called and warned her not to go deep in the darkness.

While wondering what is it that he should be careful from, the new persona told him that the grand evil that Luca foresaw, the one that will wipe out mutantkind was none other than David himself and Blindfold was destined to kill him to stop it.

David asked him how he came to know all of this and "Fiend" answered that he knows everything, revealing himself to be in the form of Charles Xavier and calls David "my son" which horrified David greatly.

David lives up to his word to make the world a better place by locating and framing the group that corrupted Luca by bringing the Dire Wraiths to earth to be arrested by S.

While on a date with Ruth, David took her to the moon and told her about the new persona inside his mind and that all the other personalities are terrified of it.

He also told her when it helped him, he saw a glimpse of the future and from that vision, he knows that Aarkus, after reading a book, will start killing all mutants, and they can stop him before he does that, by making sure that he doesn't wake up.

Ruth disagreed, saying that they can't do this to someone who didn't do anything yet. David tells her that he will not become reactive like his father and reveals to her that he already made sure Aarkus won't wake up five hours ago.

She tells him that she knows that he needed her approval to gain enough strength and self-belief to drain a persona in order to gain the power he needed.

Ruth was disappointed and asked David to send her home. David tried to justify what he did, but Blindfold asked again to be returned home.

David sent her and Aarkus back and told her to tell the X-Men to do what they can do to help him and told Ruth that he thought he loved her.

After that, David started to read the book Luca wrote about the vision he saw about the future. To avoid killing Blindfold and cause many other deaths, David wiped himself out of existence, but in fact remained within Ruth Aldine 's mind.

After his resurrection, a personality of David's by the name Lord Trauma tried to take over his mind while David was taken into hospital after being found by an Amish couple.

David manages to temporarily defeat Lord Trauma and heads to see Dr. Hannah Jones, a psychotherapist known for mainly working with celebrities.

As David is heading in her direction, Lord Trauma seeks her out and warns her not to treat David and trying to scare her through visual hallucinations.

David pulls her out of one of the hallucinations and introduces himself, asking for her help. Hannah accepts David's ask for help, and quickly is transported into his mind.

Hannah is attacked by creatures sent by Lord Trauma and meets with Tami Haar, another of David's personalities.

She leads Hannah away from the creatures and to the ancient cities, structures containing past memories. Hannah witnesses a memory where David caused a psychiatric doctor to commit suicide after his temper snapped.

Trying to help young David, Hannah and Tami are flung out of the memory by the young David and down to nightmare beach.

The pair move past the bitter-sweet spores after Hannah unwittingly touches one and falls sick. Back at the hospital, Lord Trauma keeps speaking to David and causes him to unknowingly shout at a patient, causing him to be taken away by security.

This episode of paranoia causes his mindscape to become overwhelmed with voices in the form of extreme wind.

Legion witnessed a vision of the future where X-Man and his Horsemen of Salvation attacked the world in order to bring about X-Men's vision for the world.

So, Legion took Multiple Man prison so he could make and take control of hundreds of Multiple Man dupes and sent them throughout the world.

Lenny Busker the Shadow King is their therapist. Events from the original Clockworks repeat themselves however they are slightly altered.

For instance Rudy becomes the drooling man at the beginning of Chapter 1 and who also can be seen in the WTF promo while David and Ptonomy, who takes the place of Lenny, watch.

While David and Ptonomy discuss how there is no going back to a normal life after the mental illness starts, Sydney comes up to them. She asks if they had noticed a bedroom door in one of the halls but before she can elaborate Dr.

Busker arrives to take David to his session. In the session with Dr. Busker, David expresses his content with the life in the hospital.

He feels he's found a rhythm and Syd and him have gotten close. In this reality David also has bipolar disorder and Dr. Busker asks if he's still afraid of losing the control he's found here but David says that this is no longer the case as it seems real.

In the cafeteria Ptonomy, Syd, and David all eat pie together but Amy, who is a nurse in this reality, takes David's pie and forbids him from eating any.

While Syd is eating her pie she finds several bugs in it referencing a scene from the White Room where a bowl of strawberries is crawling with black bugs and throws it across the cafeteria.

That night David sneaks into Syd's room and lays in her bed paralleling the scene from Chapter 1 where Syd sneaks into David's room before telling him that she's being released.

Syd once again expresses her feelings of deja vu as well as the need to leave the hospital.

David tries to convince her that not everyone is cut out for the real world and perhaps Clockworks will give them their own room together. But Sydney rejects this idea telling him that she can't stay here.

Someday later, David is painting Syd while she reads a book she found about alternate realities, dream states, and memory palaces.

Syd once again brings up the bedroom door and the possibility that the hospital isn't real as it doesn't feel real to her. David warns her to be careful because Syd was admitted to clockworks with the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Sydney, knowing this to not be true, becomes agitated. Seeing this David begins to apologize saying how well she's doing especially with the fact that when she first entered the hospital she was strapped down.

Sydney protests saying David is the one with schizophrenia and not bipolar while Sydney was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

David continues to try and calm her down but Syd leaves the room. That evening, David goes looking for Syd and finds the bedroom door she was talking about.

Putting his ear up to the door he can hear music however Nurse Amy appears and begins to torment him. Amy tells him he's not wanted and people only pretend to like him while in actuality it's all anyone can do to keep from vomiting around him.

She begins to gag violently and even causes David to gag before he yells at her to stop and then leave. David then goes to Dr.

Busker hoping that she will know where Syd is. Busker proposes the idea that Sydney isn't the right girl for him but David replies that they're in love.

Lenny then tells him love is nothing more than a chemical reaction. Are you familiar with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis? It's a fungus that infects ants.

It's amazing, really. The spores take over their central nervous systems and force them to climb to a high point, and then the fungus begins to grow up, bursting from the tops of their heads like a branch.

And it kills them, of course. All so it can spray new spores over the jungle, infecting more ants. David replies that simply telling him that she hadn't seen Syd was sufficient but Lenny quickly cuts him off and continues asking him what the point of life is.

She answers her rhetorical question by informing him the point of life is Power, emphasizing the point by placing her foot on his crotch and pressing.

Lenny: Yes, life. What is the point of life? All of you running around trying to what? Be happy? You tell me.

I'll say this. There's only one being in the vast multiplicity of space that matters. And do you know why God matters? That is the point of what you call life.

The only point. Completely dropping the act of being the good psychiatrists Dr. Busker, "Lenny" continues to monologue.

Lenny tells David that she knew his biological father who tried to hide David from her. Lenny tells him that David has great potential and power and if they were to combined their strengths they could "give God a run for his money" however when David fell in love with Syd things became difficult for her.

Deming the toll of keeping David happy as too great, and only needing his body, the Shadow King trapped David's consciousness in a far corner of his mind where would slowly disappear this is represented by David being trapped in a glass coffin.

In his breakdown, his powers kick in and create a physical representation of his rational mind to help him find a way out.

David's rational mind takes David's form but with a British accent. David's rational mind calms him by informing him that there is no coffin as it's a metaphor.

Next the rational mind has David imagine a classroom which becomes a physical classroom. From here the rational mind slowly works through David's past piecing together what Amahl said.

From here David assumes that Amahl, a mutant, and his father fought in the astral plane with their minds. To keep David safe, his biological father placed him with the Haller family but Amahl found him and infected him like a parasite.

Slowly Amahl fed off his power, while also making David mentally ill, with the goal of taking his revenge on David's biological father and ruling the world.

However when Syd arrived it woke David up and now their bodies are in danger in his childhood bedroom. Now calm and collected, David begins breaking out of his mental coffin.

From here he navigates his way through his own mind, which Amahl has trapped, and eventually gains control of his body once again with the assistance of Kerry's halo.

Back in the bedroom time starts again and David turns to place himself between Syd and the bullets. However instead of being impacted by them, David catches them.

Now back at Summerland, David is relieved that Farouk is gone and attempts to remove the halo but Cary stops him.

The Shadow King isn't gone but merely isolated in David's mind and if he were to take off the device it would set Amahl free again.

While the group is enjoying lunch, David and Amy talk. Amy apologizes for not telling David that he was adopted and for believing he was sick.

She also celebrates the fact that he is a mutant before remembering her husband. David informs her that she cannot contact him as Division 3 would be watching him and once things have settled down they would retrieve him.

While walking the halo shifts and David sees a vision of the Angry Boy. Now worried he agrees that they should remove Farouk quickly.

David, Cary, Syd, and Ptonomy make their way to Cary's lab by walking outside. However Clark along with dozens of agents appear and hold all of the mutants at gunpoint, demanding to speak with David while the other mutants could be killed.

As Syd and David continue to walk to the Lab, Sydney tells David that it doesn't matter if he saves the world if he doesn't save himself.

David responds that for six years he was in Clockworks contributing nothing to society and now given the chance he's going to take it.

Now in Cary's lab, David begs Melanie to let him speak with Clark while Cary attempts to strengthen the halo. Melanie and Ptonomy both think its a bad idea to let David speak with Clark.

Cary believes that before they decide anything they need to remove Farouk's presence. If the halo fails Farouk would destroy David's mind and take over his body for good.

Cary gives the halo more power and continues to work with Oliver on a way to remove Farouk.

David then went to meditate before meeting with Clark. David tells Clark the war is over if he wants it and leads him to a room in Summerland where Cary has set up his equipment to continue to power the halo however it won't last much longer.

Clark comments that David doesn't look well but David says he's fine. As the negotiations begin Clark attempts put on an air of confidence however David can see through this and tells him not to be afraid.

Clark says he's not but David continues to repeat his statement "You don't have to be afraid. Clark replies that this cannot happen because they'll overthrow the human race and even if he wanted to accept this peace offering he doesn't have the authority to do so.

Clark asks what's wrong with him and despite Melanie and the others telling him it's nothing Sydney sets the record straight.

Syd tells Clark, and Division 3 listening through him, that David is being fed off of by the Shadow King who is their real enemy and that they should make a truce so they can stop it.

Before Clark can answer Melanie has Clark taken to his cell. David wakes up in Cary's lab tied to a chair with electrodes placed on his head and a large disk hovering over him.

He asks what happened and Oliver, who is in the room, responds that it doesn't matter as they could be dead in 10 minutes.

David can feel Farouk trying to get free and Oliver tells him that when he feels "when we pull, you push". He then turns on a laser system before leaving the room.

Oliver and Cary have identified a second set of brainwaves inside David's head. The device will then target everything that is Faourk and suck it out of David's head using a magnetic field.

As David asks how he would know when the process began, the machine turns on. The procedure begins to work as David, in his mind, watches Farouk's influence being erased from his memory.

Farouk, as the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, appears but David isn't afraid asking to see his Lenny disguise. David ponders what life will be like without the Shadow King but the Shadow King keeps his promise of killing David during the process by forcing David to choke himself.

Sydney then runs into the room kissing David and releasing Amahl and transferring him to her body. Amahl then jumps to Kerry's body.

David then confronts Farouk in the hallway outside of the lab and the two collided. David forced Farouk out of Kerry. Believing Farouk to be gone David wakes up the unconscious mutants telling him that Farouk is gone.

David also apologizes to Clark saying he was wrong and Clark should be afraid. Clark agrees that Division three should work with Summerland to stop the real enemies like the Shadow King.

David then goes to Syd and tells her that she shouldn't have set Farouk free but she explains that the Shadow King would have killed him if she hadn't.

David accepts this telling her that he genuinely feels better. Cary then points out that the Shadow King needs a host to survive and that he should be in someone.

The group then realizes that when David pushed Farouk out of Kerry, he inadvertently sent Farouk into Oliver who is now gone. That night David and Sydney stood out on a balcony enjoying David's freedom.

David announces that Oliver and Farouk are heading south before a strange orb appears. David asks if the orb is one of Cary's but Sydney doesn't know.

The Orb then scans David before capturing him and floating off. David bangs on the small window screaming for Sydney's help.

Syd then runs inside to tell the others. David has embraced and expanded his powers to helping others who are having mental and assumingly, psychic problems.

He's able to guide, relax and ease them. He reads Jai-yi's mind and projects her to her bed room. He relates his story of his prior years about the mental hospital the 'monster' the Shadow King.

He asks her how she is…this upsets her, and she begins to spill her backstory. David is planning something with time travel to return to save Syd and his friends.

David speaks of his real father proff- nevermind… how he fought with Farouk, which resulted in him inhabiting his son's body.

Division 3 storms the house, hunting David, thinking that he is responsible for the end of the world. Cary and Kerry, still under D3's control join in.

Kerry slices off David's arm. This triggers David to lash out and vaporize Cary and the other squad members. This comes to an end when Syd enters from the rear and shoots David through the ches.

Switch induces her time traveling abilities and 'rewinds' the clock by 1 hour. She meets again with David, and she warns him that he's about to be ambushed.

They move outside, and see the house is under attack. David strolls through and takes out D3, and but he's shot again by Syd.

This causes Jai-Yi to go back again. This time by 2 hours. David dismisses Lenny to talk to Jai-yi privately, and this visibly angers Lenny.

David, telepathically changes this and tells her to get something to eat, and "you are happy now".

She immediately smiles and leaves. David's power of suggestion. He then immediately asks about Jai-yi's time travel abilities.

David astral projects to Syd. He explains that he's been helping people, expanding their consciousness, opening their minds, and teaching empathy.

Syd rejects his claims stating that he's not focused on her enough. In an attempt to negate his he projects an image of Syd.

This freaks her out and causes her to push back further. Left with no choice, David says he loves her and chastises her for 'killing him' during the raid.

A series of memories is brought up between the two and David backs off. David appears before Cary. David is still quite angry over the trial.

He reminds Cary about how his mistrust in him led them to the events of their 'betrayal'. Cary begs David to come back with him, but David flatly rejects.

He instead tells Cary that he is going to help him develop a tool to amplify or heighten the power of Jai-yi's time travel abilities.

Lenny, who's taken a bit too much pleasure in it, gases Cary. He undergoes a process to have David 'implant' himself into Cary.

Cary meets with Jai-yi who explains the time traveling hallway. Cary agrees unabashedly to help her. He's provided a full lab, and instruments.

Lenny asks what David is planning to do, he responds "Save the world". David and Jai-Yi emerge from a portal. Yi's lip is bloodied This scene loops again and again, until Jai-Yi, realizes something's wrong, not in her control.

David is before his students, and he asks for an explanation as to what happened with Jai-yi, and their planned temporal attack on D3.

Jai-Yi explains that the method they use to travel through time, the hallway, also houses demons. She describes them as living and existing outside of the normal flow of time, but always look for a way in, and eat and chew at time.

It's then that Lenny pushes back against David's serene calm and passive response to the news. She tells him to try harder and enough with the self praise and dignified approach.

This disturbs David, but he tells Jai-Yi that he needs to try her time travel once more. It's here when the lights dim and the three of them, David, Lenny and Jai-Yi are approached by two of the aforementioned time demons.

It seems the constant time travel done by Jai-Yi has let some into our our realm. They move in a series of frames and are ontop of David in a heartbeat.

David wakes up in an underground prison of a sort David who is talking with his mother, before she even is pregnant with him, is trying to give her advice and warn her about his father's fate.

He warns her not to let her husband leave for a business trip. She shrugs this off as him just being insane.

In an emotional scene, he begs her to remember this as it pretty much will save his life and mental state. He's confronted by the two time demons.

Team Farouk meanwhile finally engages the time demons in flip book style combat. They seem to do rather well but are soon outnumbered.

David is caught in a loop trying to even approach two of them. Defiant but stuck nonetheless, he eventually remembers just what he can do, and channels his inner Rashomon and ignites one of them on fire and sends the other back to it's other demon friends.

This causes the demons that were attacking Team Farouk to back off. Lenny though is still in torment, asks to be left alone so David goes off to look for Jai-Yi.

His groupies, tell him that Cary was there and left with her David is not happy. He feels as though she'll be easily turned to Team Farouk's group.

He utters one word.

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David Haller David Charles Haller

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