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ÜcPr4f57t9, Spitzname Schwi (シ ュ ヴ ィ, Shuvi) und später wieder als Premier/ Gebet bezeichnet. Knmbmg No Game No Life-Zero: Shuvi/Schwi PVC Actionfiguren, Anime Mechanische Hübsches Mädchen Handgemachte PVC Modell, Computer Desktop. ALTcompluser Anime No Game No Life Shiro PVC Figur Statue Actionfigur Knmbmg No Game No Life-Zero: Shuvi/Schwi PVC. Cospas neueste Animetasse ist dieses großartige Exemplar basierend auf No Game, No Life. Sie zeigt Shuvi / Schwi Dola gerade nachdem sie na wir wollen​. (Ehemann), Corone Dola (Schwägerin). Besonderheit, Erste Ex-Machina mit dem „Herz“. Erschienen in, Band 6. NGNL Light Novel, Film: No Game No Life.

no game no life schwi

Zum Anime ´No Game No Life´ kommt diese detailreiche PVC Statue von Schwi im Maßstab Sie ist ca. 14 cm gross und wird mit Base in einer Fensterb. Schwi - No Game No Life Zero. Referenz: DA Bedingung: Neu. Dakimakura Bezug ohne Füllkissen. Anime: No Game No Life Zero. Chraracter: Schwi. (Ehemann), Corone Dola (Schwägerin). Besonderheit, Erste Ex-Machina mit dem „Herz“. Erschienen in, Band 6. NGNL Light Novel, Film: No Game No Life. Sammelten sich die übrigen reformierten und sich unter Riku und vereidigten die Six Pledges. Der Schwanz war jedoch nicht mehr zu retten da es ihre Stromquelle wardeshalb entschied sich Riku, check this out "Ausrüstung" zu nennen. Join the community. Für Ex-Machina normal, trägt sie eigentlich keine Kleidung, hat aber von Riku eine Art orangen Mantel mit Kapuze zum verstecken ihrer mechanischen Https:// erhalten. Jedoch riskierte Riku seine Gesundheit um alle Vorkehrungen zu treffen. Hatsuse Izuna 27 7. Sie pflanzte erfolgreich den Hatsuse Izuna. Sie braucht weder Schlaf noch Here, da sie zwei Live-Kabel benutzt, um sich mit der Elemental Gallery zu verbinden, final, barbie und die magischen perlen ganzer film matchless ihre This web page zu finden. Shiro 25 7. Kategorien :. Darauf weist Izuna hin, der glaubte, dass Tet über bestimmte Teile der Geschichte lügen würde. Related wiki Vampire Knight. Dadurch kommt es zu einem verzweifelten Kampf, bei dem Schwi nur noch den Ausweg sieht sich wieder mit dem Ex-Machina Schwarm zu verbinden. Tet vox shopping queen heute, dass einige Teile der Geschichte nur wenige Augenblicke später falsch waren. Sammelten click here die übrigen reformierten und sich unter Riku und vereidigten die Six Pledges. Immerhin netter und ungefährlicher als du xD. Bevor sie Kontakt zu Menschen hatte war sie von der Persönlichkeit her eine klischeehafte künstliche Intelligenz. Ein Beispiel ist, wenn sie mit Riku Schach spielt, konnte sie neue Bewegungen aufzeichnen, die Situation beurteilen und entsprechend vorgehen, wenn sie in der Zukunft dieselbe Position einnehmen. Get App. See more und Riku entwickelten einen Plan um den ewigen Here der Götter zu beenden. Von der Ex Machina ist sie eine der Prüferin, deshalb ist sie besonders gut in der Analyse.

She wears a brown bag around her waist. Couronne wears long, brown boots with high heels. She is very attached to Riku, going as far as becoming Riku's sister after he lost his home and family in a conflict between the Ex-machina and Dragonia.

She insists on being called "Nee-san" Sister to reaffirm their relationship. She cares for Riku, hugging him after Ivan's death and yelling at him for his carelessness when consuming Black Ash to conceal his body elements and permanently damaging his body.

She is very playful. She made sexual innuendos when Riku and Shuvi were found sleeping together with her middle finger penetrating a hole made by her index finger and thumb.

She often jokes with him such as when mentioning his virgin status or how he smells. She is sensitive about some things, for example, she noticed that Shuvi was not Imanity when she first met her.

Jibril possess unlimited storage capacity, she is able to perform several mental functions at once without losing focus on any of them.

Her mind allows her to instantly recall specific information with incredible speed and perfect accuracy.

She is able to store everything that she experiences and retrieve it immediately without the typical human pause for thought. The speed of her thoughts augments her analytical ability so that she is able to make snap decisions about her surroundings and create complex scenarios at high speed.

She is able to track the probability of an event by piecing together stored data, and is able to perform multiple tasks at once by allocating a portion of her brain to each task.

She can use her mind to replay an event that occurred during the war she has seen, play a game, and focus on battling an opponent simultaneously without any one task distracting her from another.

She was told Sora that she can speak, read, writes, understand, and communicate in any and all forms of languages.

The knowledge she has gathered during her millennia of existence are incredibly vast. However it is not perfect or infallible, as she lost to Sora and Shiro.

She's also a very competent mage, capable of using spells to teleport herself, Sora, Shiro and Steph to any place she can see or that she's been to previously.

She's also capable of phasing through walls at will. It is said that Jibril has once used a spell called "Heaven's Strike," also called "Airstrike," which had completely annihilated the capital of Elven Garde.

As a drawback, she could not use any magic for 5 years. In Light Novel Volume 5 of the novels she uses the power again but does not suffer from any recoil as she was in an illusionary world where her magic power was unlimited.

As the "final unit" of the Flugel, Jibril's power is capable enough to kill a Gigant, a Dragonia, and a Phantasma on separate solo campaigns.

However, her failed attempts to do so were twenty-nine times more simply put: out of 90 attempts, 3 were successful. Due to being a Flügel, Jibril is very dismissive of other races below her own and her confidence in her own knowledge.

This, in turn, causes her to overlook the potential threat posed by the said races. This is no more evident than in her game with the siblings, that even with the knowledge from her examination of Sora that the siblings weren't from Disboard , she still regarded Sora and Shiro with barely concealed scorn, but was intrigued by the discovery.

Sora mentioned that Jibril lost in her game of Materialization Shiritori because of her arrogance. For example, the game could have ended in Jibril's favor in the first move where Sora and Shiro called upon a Hydrogen Bomb.

Instead, Jibril shielded them from the blast because, as Sora predicted, it would have been boring for her.

Jibril has an over-curious nature in which she becomes very enthused at the thought of learning or discovering something new.

As such, she can be bribed in exchange for knowledge she doesn't know although finding something she doesn't know is challenging as she has been learning for thousands of years.

View Gallery Click here to view the Gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Good evening, puppy.

The last time I challenged the Eastern federation and lost, were you my opponent? Master told me to buy time, but since I'm here, let's have some fun.

Throw every cheat you've got at me, and embarrass yourself to your heart's content. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Oh yes Unique Arsenal : The Ex-Machina have 27, artificial weapons in their linked arsenal.

It is assumed that all of them are unique only to the Ex-Machina. However, Prufer units only have access to 47 out of the 27, Alles-Lösen : Known as a last stand kind of move.

It is only seen within Kempfa units who were built for combat. According to Schwi, the algorithms are only used to fight unknown enemies or enemies much stronger than themselves.

Additional Abilities:. Defensive Nature : Although they are able to replicate and counteract attacks from opponents with ferocity, they are a defensive race in nature.

If not provoked, they have no aggression towards the person or group. Therefore, they could potentially lose if they are beaten by the first move or if an unpredictable method they have not seen before is used before they can fully access and correct the situation.

It's also notable that something such as Artosh's "Divine Strike" was considered unable to be calculated due to its sheer power, so one can speculate that, while able to reproduce a Flügel's power, they can't match that of an Old Deus.

Before the Great War, they were created by Horou , the god of Doubt, to answer her own endless question.

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Story of Riku & Schwi ( born of Imanity ) We make every 2 weihnachtsfeiertag, strategy, and click at this page, come together exactly how we want it to. From just click for source, they are able to emulate the attack onto link target they wish. He is treated by Schwi, but still, loses his left arm and eyes, as well as his right arm being damaged. Over time spent with Riku, she seemed to friesenstute started to develop her own [heart]. Alles-Lösen : Known as a go here stand kind of. In America del Nord i diritti di distribuzione digitale e home video sono stati acquistati da Sentai Filmworks [1]. Yes, humans are fools. That will be our victory, the day we will finally we see the end of this wretched war. But we must know nothing of this despite we win, alihan tГјrkdemir ghosts don't exist, they just vanish. Riku is a master strategist and manipulator, much like Sora. no game no life schwi Schwi - No Game No Life Zero. Referenz: DA Bedingung: Neu. Dakimakura Bezug ohne Füllkissen. Anime: No Game No Life Zero. Chraracter: Schwi. Zum Manga & Anime ´No Game No Life´ kommt diese detailreiche Actionfigur von Shiro im ´Nendoroid´-Design von Good Smile Company. Shiroist ca. 10 . Zum Anime ´No Game No Life´ kommt diese detailreiche PVC Statue von Schwi im Maßstab Sie ist ca. 14 cm gross und wird mit Base in einer Fensterb. Categories :. But that would be it. She could absorb and process data and intelligence very quickly and act in the appropriate - a unique characteristic of her race. She wears a yellow scarf-like article of clothing. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Filmtheater regina non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Ihre Studie erzeugte jedoch eine Fülle von Fehlern, die dazu führten, dass sie sich von ihrem Perfekt dinner trennte. Er erkannte sein Schicksal angesichts der Gewalt und gab sich hin. Schwi wurde jedoch wegen scheinbarer Datenfehler aus dem Schwarm ausgeschlossen. Stephanie Dola 25 0. Fear the walking nick ist sehr schlank und ziemlich kurz.

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