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Der Alkoholiker und alleinerziehende Vater Frank lebt mit seinen sechs Kindern in einem Haushalt. Die älteste Tochter Fiona ist Mutterersatz und überfordert von der Erziehung der Kleinen und dem Haushalt. Die Serie hat mehrere Preise und Auszeichnungen gewonnen, unter anderem einen BAFTA-Award als Beste Drama-Serie sowie einen British Comedy Award. Shameless UK ist eine britische Fernsehserie über das anarchische Leben der Großfamilie Gallagher in einer Sozialsiedlung in Manchester. Shameless (UK): Genauso wenig wie Manchester als Aushängeschild für das so stolze Vereinigte Königreich taugt, kann man die dort lebenden Gallaghers als. Entdecken Sie Shameless: Series 1, (Standard Edition) [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung.

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Das Familienleben ist reich an kriminellen und sexuellen Eskapaden und kennt mehr Tiefen als Höhen. Adaption als Shameless (USA, ). Cast & Crew. Entdecken Sie Shameless: Series 1, (Standard Edition) [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Die Serie hat mehrere Preise und Auszeichnungen gewonnen, unter anderem einen BAFTA-Award als Beste Drama-Serie sowie einen British Comedy Award. shameless uk

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Jacqui Boatswain. Diese Benachrichtigungen z. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Zum Anbieter. Michael Legge. Paul Abbott. Macy verkörpert. Kommentar speichern. Staffel 8. Staffel 4. Jacqui Boatswain. Mai Bisher keine deutsche TV-Ausstrahlung. Staffel 6. Https:// Feet Under learn more here Gestorben wird immer. Anmelden via Facebook. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per Read more benachrichtigt werden:. Watch shippudenComedy. Bilder anzeigen. Das Familienleben ist reich an kriminellen und sexuellen Eskapaden und kennt mehr Tiefen als Höhen. Adaption als Shameless (USA, ). Cast & Crew. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Shameless. Die Gallagher Alle 11 Staffeln von Shameless. Staffel 1 Shameless (UK) - Intro (English). Abspielen. Shameless ist eine von Paul Abbott entwickelte Drama- und Comedyserie die erstmals am Januar. 07/) Titel: Produktionsland: Ausstrahlung: Shameless UK – Produktion: Company Pictures Ausstrahlender Sender: Channel Anzahl Staffeln: Kari Corbett. Trending: Meist diskutierte Spiral geheimnis the tГ¶dliches. Christian Isaiah. Joanna Higson. Jade Kirdruff. Robbie Conway. Home Serien Shameless.

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Amanda Ryan. Februar Sean Gilder. Sarah Byrne. Preisstand: Schaue jetzt Shameless. Gerard Kearns. Joanna Higson. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Sue Vincent. Wo wird "Shameless" gestreamt? Skins — Hautnah. Ryan Barr. Michael Legge. Die vierte Staffel wurde vom 9. Sean Gathering storm. Once released, he is shocked by the changes that have occurred back on the estate and finds himself in a tricky situation when Monica makes it clear why she has returned. To make matters worse, Monica begins using Norma's credit card, and Norma expects Frank to repay with his lottery winnings. Elsewhere, the strain of running the Gallagher household has finally taken its toll see more Debbie. The lives and relationships of a group of siblings and their estranged father Frank Gallagher on a rough Manchester battlecreek. Can Karen come please click for source his rescue? Sat Latin America max giermann klaus kinski Jimmy Italy.

It was meant to continue the format of 22 episodes split into two parts of 11 with a break in between. However, in August it was announced that after the first 11 episodes aired and the break had finished Series 10 would begin instead.

The reasons for this change are unknown. Series 10 began airing on 12 September Creator and executive producer Paul Abbott was said to be taking a more active role than he had in recent years.

Series 11 was the final series, with a run of 14 episodes, and aired from 26 February , with the final episode shown on 28 May A number of former cast members returned for the final episode.

Sat Latin America and Jimmy Italy. Shameless was announced to be ending after its 11th series on 9 October Creator and executive producer Paul Abbott stated that " Series 11 had a run of 14 episodes with Paul Abbott being more involved in the storylining of the series although he did not write any of the episodes.

Despite mixed opinions from fans, an American series of Shameless was produced in and was received well in the US with many of the first season's episodes being directly adapted from the original series.

The show went on to have a second season , and continues to have more seasons. This series also introduced Maxine's brother Bruce , who would only appear during this series.

Also to arrive in Series 7 was Billy Tutton Michael Taylor , a new love interest for Mimi, who would return as a regular in the following series.

Kelli Hollis also left her role as Yvonne Karib, however she would return in the final series. In the series finale, Mimi surprisingly gave birth to baby Cilla, a storyline which would continue into the eighth series.

Karen's bipolar and her affair with Joe, Carl and Chesney being on the run for murder, and the wedding of Shane and Kelly are all prominent storylines to feature in the seventh series.

Unlike any previous series, the eighth series of 22 episodes was split into two-halves. The first five episodes were aired consecutively during one week, from 10 to 14 January , to tie-in with a series-opener story-arc.

After this, the series returned to its regular weekly slot, and continued for a further 7 episodes between 18 January to 8 March After a four-month break, the final 9 episodes of the eighth series began on 30 August and concluded the series on 25 October Starting with series 8 the show took a more light hearted, comedy approach, rarely taking on board the gritty realistic drama it had started out with.

From this point onwards the shows storylines became increasingly farfetched and viewing figures started to drop rapidly. Series 8 saw a variety of new characters arrive, including the Powell family, consisting of Emmanuel Ighodaro as Jackson , Karen Bryson as Jackson's wife Avril , and Kira Martin as their daughter Letitia.

Also, Libby and Patty's relative, Aidan Croker , played by Robbie Conway, arrived to fill the hole left by Liam, following his departure in the early episodes of the series.

Billy Tutton returned and is revealed as the father of Mimi's baby, Cilla, while Aysha Kala took on the role of Chesney's cousin, Sita Desai , however the character departed midway through the series.

Annabelle Apsion reprised her role as Monica Gallagher for the early episodes of the series, to coincide with a storyline featuring Frank and Libby and the departure of Liam.

Also departing this series was Libby, who left after realizing that Frank shows her no affection. Samantha Siddall returned as an apparition of her deceased character Mandy, who appeared as a vision to Mimi when she suffered from insomnia during this series.

This series also saw the return of Jack Deam as Marty Fisher as a regular cast member, who left the show in Series 4.

When Frank finds himself being framed for brutally mugging a pensioner, Kev Ball, who left the show in Series 4, returned to help, with Dean Lennox Kelly reprising the role for a single episode to mark Shameless ' s th episode.

The ninth series of Shameless began on 9 January and concluded on 13 March The ninth series, originally consisting of 22 episodes, was reduced to 11 episodes, with the remaining 11 being turned into the tenth series.

Like , the first two episodes aired on two consecutive nights. The ninth series primarily featured the arrivals of Gloria Meak , played by Angeline Ball , and her brother, Dominic Meak , with former EastEnders actor Stephen Lord taking on this role.

Gloria embarked on an affair with Jamie after having a catfight with Karen. Also departing this series was Carl, who made numerous guest appearances before leaving.

Prominent storylines for this series include Micky being the victim of a homophobic attack , and Frank, Jamie, Shane, Ruby and Aidan being trapped underground when a plan to rob lottery tickets goes dramatically wrong.

Series 10, originally planned to be the second half of the ninth series, was reduced from 11 episodes to It aired between 13 September and 1 November As with the last two series, the first two episodes aired on two consecutive nights.

The final episode of the tenth series saw three prominent characters depart: Emmanuel Ighodaro left his role as Jackson Powell when he and Avril's mounting debts and fractured marriage become too much, Kari Corbett's character Ruby Hepburn was killed off when she took Mimi hostage which resulted in her falling out of a window to her death, and Valerie Lilley made her exit as Patty Croker, when she was told that she was dying and wanted Frank to take her to the beach to see Ireland one last time, however Frank left her to go to the pub, allowing the tide to take her away.

Jamie continued his affair with Gloria in Series 10, however this stopped following a pregnancy scare, and eventually Karen discovers his deceit.

Shane accidentally killed a man after running him over in a hit-and-run, and battled his conscience as he began helping the man's family through their grief.

The eleventh and final series of Shameless began on 26 February and concluded the show itself on 28 May An expansion from the last two series, the eleventh series consisted of 14 episodes.

The shows final episode saw the return of several departed characters, mostly consisting of the Gallagher children. During the eleventh series, all characters made their final appearances, however only certain characters made exits from Chatsworth.

A variety of new characters made their first appearances in the final series, including Jacqueline Boatswain as Avril's older sister Patreesha St.

Rose and her daughter Mary-Mae , who would begin a relationship with Chesney. Most notably, the role of Stella Gallagher was recast, with Nikita Brownlee playing the character.

Storylines covered in the final series included Jamie discovering that Paddy is not his biological father, and finding his new half-brother Kassi and his family; Frank's dalliance with prostitutes Sherilee and Derilee, with a hostage situation occurring at the Gallagher household when Derilee's husband Baxter finds out; Shane's brief relationship with a copper, Sgt.

Randall Thaila Zucchi , putting a strain on his relationship with his family; Mimi starting work at a primary school as a governor; and the breakdown of Kelly and Lillian's friendship after Kelly and Marty steal a large amount of money from her.

Some scenes were also filmed in the Wythenshawe area in the south of the city. After Series 5, the show was filmed at a purpose-built set on the Roundthorn Industrial Estate in South Manchester, on the site of an old Umbro warehouse, and around Wythenshawe and Sale.

Shameless initially focused on the layabout Frank Gallagher and the lives of his six children, Fiona and boyfriend Steve , Lip , Ian , Carl , Debbie and Liam , and next door neighbours, Kev and Veronica.

The Maguires became the focus of the show as the Gallagher children departed. Other characters also become the focus after only starting off as minor characters, such as those from the Karib family.

By October , the development had moved to Showtime. John Wells Productions filmed a pilot episode for the cable network in January It stars William H.

Macy in the Frank Gallagher role. Sunshine and was unable to be a part of both series. Academy Award nominee Joan Cusack joined the cast as the new Sheila Jackson, along with Emmy Rossum as Frank's sensible and feisty eldest daughter, and Justin Chatwin as a car thief who falls for her.

The first episode of the series aired on Showtime on 9 January The American version has received critical acclaim and some of Showtime's highest recorded ratings.

As of January , ten seasons have aired, making it the network's longest running original-scripted program. It is called Bizim Hikaye , which translates to "Our Story".

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Meanwhile, Steve makes the mistake of stealing the car of a police inspector, and it falls on Tony to get him out of trouble.

Carol's latest romance with a Spanish toyboy leaves Marty on the warpath, leaving Fiona fearful that he will return to his old ways and endanger all their lives.

A garden competition sparks off a feud between Veronica and Carol, and Veronica's bitterness towards her mother alienates her friends and family, even Kev and Fiona.

She is pushed further over the edge when she is uninvited to Carol's birthday party, where she overhears a shocking revelation that tears her and Kev apart.

Meanwhile, Frank and his friend Tommy turn Sheila's house into a drinking den after The Jockey is closed down while she is away visiting her mother.

But Frank accidentally loses one of the twins to an alcoholic transvestite called "Psycho Sally". Elsewhere, Fiona is convinced Steve is having an affair with a woman named Kerry-Anne, but the truth is worse than she could have imagined.

Preparations for Fiona and Steve's wedding are underway in the Gallagher household. In the days leading up to the wedding, Steve falls in with a group of ruthless criminals, convinced that this job will set him and the rest of the Gallaghers up for life.

Things turn nasty when a vengeful Tony begins operating against Steve, and a deadly showdown at a warehouse sparks off a chain of events that changes life for the Gallaghers forever.

Meanwhile, Ian recruits Mandy to be his "fake girlfriend" after Frank nearly rumbles his big secret.

Carol goes on a cruise, leaving Marty in charge of her beloved dog. Voice-over: Veronica Fisher.

When Sheila asks Lip to water her friend's plants while she is away, he begins using the house to get some peace and quiet, away from his chaotic family, to do homework.

But when he returns one night, he discovers the house has been burgled, and he is arrested by a bent copper with a grudge to bear.

To make matters worse, Frank is called into the police station to represent him and ends up making matters a lot worse for his son.

With Lip facing a prison stretch, Fiona, Tony and Frank attempt to deal with the bent copper, while Ian, Marty, and Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor find themselves taking part in a burglary.

Meanwhile, Debbie begins a VHS business, and Carl discovers a video of the local lollypop woman having an affair with another man.

The video starts spreading around Chatsworth, leaving the residents wondering who the mystery man is, with the culprit eventually being revealed as local policeman, Stan Waterman Warren Donnelly.

Elsewhere, Fiona is still missing Steve, and Tony's attempts to help only make things worse for her. Lip is sleeping with Mandy while she is pretending to be Ian's girlfriend to hide the fact that he is gay.

However, after Mandy falls pregnant with Lip's baby, everyone begins to think the child is Ian's, so the Maguire family welcome him into the family with the threat of castration if he and Mandy do not marry.

When Ian announces their engagement, the Gallaghers and Maguires throw a party at The Jockey, but a revelation from Lip turns the happy occasion into an evening of chaos and bloodshed.

He must come up with a way to pay back his years of free booze. Unfortunately for him, she might have just the solution. But their plan is foiled by a devious Karen.

Elsewhere, Sheila cold-turkeys her tablets, leaving her convinced that the twins are monsters, while a late-night encounter with a tearaway teenager brings a new man into Fiona's life.

Voice-over: Carl Gallagher. After Ladies Night at The Jockey, Fiona wakes up in bed with soon-to-be-married Joey Dawson, and she is forced to pay the price when Liam Gallagher Johnny Bennett is rushed to hospital after swallowing some pills.

Social Services are alerted and a full assessment of the Gallagher family gets underway. Fiona is panicked to discover the woman in charge of the family's review is none other than her old school enemy, Katrina Webb, who also turns out to be the future Mrs Dawson, and just when it seems all is lost for the Gallaghers, an unlikely figure saves the day: Frank.

Meanwhile, a visit to the hospital has devastating consequences for Ian when he discovers that Frank is not his biological father, sending him on a desperate search to find his real father.

But what will he find? After being hit in the mouth by Kash's shop door, Frank falls foul of two shifty accident claims salesmen, who persuade him to sue the Karibs.

Kash and Yvonne cannot afford to pay out Frank's claims and are forced to close the shop, which enrages the Chatsworth community, who turn against Frank and Sheila.

But Frank soon discovers saving the shop and the community will lead him into further trouble. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers she is pregnant, and with money at an all-time low at the Gallaghers, Fiona wonders whether she should keep it.

Faced with a huge decision, Fiona tracks down Craig Garland Chris Coghill , the father, only to discover that he is married.

Voice-over: Fiona Gallagher. Kev's sister, Kelly Sally Carman , arrives in Chatsworth on the run from her ex-boyfriend, an aggressive junkie.

She is desperate to retrieve her things from his flat, so Kev and Frank decide to step in and help her.

However, Veronica soon discovers everything is not what it seems - and Kelly may be hiding a dark addiction herself.

Meanwhile, Fiona is suffering from morning sickness , so Craig is planning a surprise trip to Wales to relax. Craig's wife, Sue Gillian Kearney , is jealous of his new relationship and seeks solace in Marty.

But when Sue breaks up with Marty, it leads him on a downward spiral which threatens to land him back in prison, forcing Debbie to take drastic actions.

Elsewhere, tragedy strikes for Craig when he discovers his father has died. Fiona's life is turned upside down when Steve returns to Chatsworth, on the run, to persuade her to flee to Amsterdam with him, but she is torn whether to leave her family and Chatsworth forever, not to mention the father of her baby, Craig.

Meanwhile, when Lillian Tyler 's Alice Barry husband, Brendan, is killed, Frank sees a way to make some money and also manages to win him and Sheila the trip of a lifetime.

However, he is forced to look after Lillian's irritating dog, Sadie, who proves to be quite indestructible. Elsewhere, Carl makes a shocking confession during a Gallagher family bust-up: he killed Lillian's husband Brendan.

Can the Gallaghers cover up Carl's shocking crime? Voice-over: Kev Ball. After Liam denounces religion in school, Debbie has to act quick when the teachers request a home visit.

She tells them that Liam has cancer and the news spreads around Chatsworth. Realising how serious Debbie's actions are, the Gallagher kids, along with Karen, Kev and Veronica, must go along with the charade, as preparations for a fund raising day organised by Jez get underway.

However, the situation also forces Frank to confront his failings as a father, so he endures on a drink and drugs binge, with devastating results.

Back at the Gallaghers', Monica and Norma return, and events finally come to a head at Liamday, the fund raising event.

Meanwhile, Kev attends evening classes, but when his teacher tries to seduce him, Kev finds himself unable to resist her.

Unable to fight temptation, Kev turns to Karen for help. However, she quickly uses his situation to have a little fun herself.

Elsewhere, Marty is determined to raise a depressed Sue's spirits. Lip begins a hotel scam with his new friend, Jack, to make some easy money.

He also uses his new friendship to get closer to Jack's sister. He may live to regret introducing him to the Gallaghers, however, when Ian begins an affair with Jack.

However, Ian soon learns that Jack is not as straightforward as he seems when a violent robbery leaves Kash hospitalised.

Determined to deal with Jack, Ian's attempt to convince Lip of his friend's dark side tears the Gallagher boys apart, with all roads leading to a violent showdown between the three boys at The Jockey's karaoke night.

Meanwhile, Frank spots an opportunity to make money when Kelly, Kev's ex-junkie sister, arrives in Chatsworth looking for a place to stay.

Kelly's numerous lovers reignites the spark in Frank and Sheila's sex life. However, Frank soon discovers that Kelly is a prostitute.

Elsewhere, Debbie is annoyed that Sue is living at the Gallaghers without paying her way, so Marty becomes a handyman, soon finding himself in a compromising position with Lillian.

A heavily pregnant Mandy is knocked over during a robbery at Kash's shop and gives birth to Lip's daughter, Katie , but the Maguires forbid contact.

Will an encounter with an elderly person in a glory hole, a tortured deaf boy and a stand-off on a multi-storey car park clear the path for Lip and his new daughter?

Meanwhile, Kev is given a racing tip not to be shared with anybody. Unlucky for him, Veronica tells Carol and she spreads the word around Chatsworth.

Elsewhere, Sheila goes on strike as a skivvy when Frank forgets her birthday, sending him on a quest to find money to pay for a birthday present, while Sue attempts to fool Debbie into thinking she is not living at the Gallaghers so that she doesn't have to pay her way.

Voice-over: Lip Gallagher. When Carol discovers that Lillian slept with her husband, Brendan, years previously, she reports her for benefit fraud, and benefit officers swarm the estate.

This causes a public outcry as half of Chatsworth are claiming. Frank impersonates Lillian's husband in order to protect his benefits, which upsets Sheila.

Can Frank win her back by making the big commitment: marriage? Meanwhile, Carl falls for Lip's latest girlfriend, Emily, and poses as her brother in order to fool Social Services.

However, his paranoia goes into overdrive when he becomes convinced Lip and Mandy are having an affair, leading to a confrontation between them and an angry stepfather with a baseball bat.

Elsewhere, Tony is having trouble with women, so Sheila steps in to help him. It's Kev's birthday, but he is in no mood to celebrate when he discovers his mother has committed suicide.

Worse still, he is reunited with his violent, alcoholic ex-wife, Roxy Jill Halfpenny , at the funeral, and she and Veronica end up fighting in The Jockey.

When Veronica finds Kev in bed with Roxy the next morning, she refuses to believe his plea of innocence and makes plans to leave Chatsworth.

However, Veronica's departure may be the least of Kev's worries when he discovers he may have fathered a child with Roxy.

Meanwhile, Lip gets his first taste of fatherhood when baby Katie is left in his care for the weekend. Meanwhile, Carol begins dating a nudist.

The Gallaghers are pleased when Carl starts bringing money into the household, but Lip is horrified to discover his brother's mini-enterprise is dealing drugs for the Maguires, and when someone informs the police and Mandy finds herself behind bars, Mimi and her son Shane Maguire Nicky Evans launch a manhunt for Carl.

It falls on Lip and Ian to uncover the real traitor, save their brother from a savage beating, and save Mandy from a prison stretch.

Will Lip and Mandy finally confront their feelings for each other before it's too late? Meanwhile, Sheila becomes convinced Karen is a lesbian and invites her and Jez Lindsey Dawson to dinner, so Frank decides to play Karen at her own games.

Marty discovers Sue is deep in debt and takes a great bargain to help his girlfriend, enduring the wrath of Carol.

When an old face delivers a shocking secret, Sue runs from her troubles, and Marty reverts to his old ways. Meanwhile, Frank becomes a medical guinea pig and is left devastated when he discovers the drugs he has been taking leave him unable to get drunk, unearthing a new, realistic side of himself, which threatens his relationship with Sheila.

Elsewhere, Debbie falls in with a crowd of people her own age, and, realising what she has been missing out on, quits her job of running the Gallagher household, leaving Lip, Ian and hapless Carl in charge, while Kev is forced to confront his fear of flying when Veronica plans a holiday abroad.

The day of Frank's wedding to Sheila draws near, but he begins to get cold feet when she confesses to murdering an abusive previous husband, Sheldon.

Kev and Veronica are forced to intervene when it looks like the wedding could be called off. Frank must decide whether he loves Sheila enough to deal with her dark secrets, and it's a race against time for him when Sheila decides to confess to the police.

Meanwhile, Lip is determined not to end up like his father when he forgets to meet Mandy and Katie after a night out, forcing him to make a huge commitment to them both.

Elsewhere, Debbie uses a schoolboy crush to her advantage. Voice-over: Frank Gallagher. It's Lip's 18th birthday and there are a few surprises in store for him and the rest of the Gallagher family.

First, the Maguires move in next door in an attempt to drive a wedge between Mandy and Lip. And, second, mum Monica returns, claiming she is back for good and only Carl welcomes her back with open arms.

Annoyed by her estranged mother's sudden return, Debbie calls upon Norma, Monica's lover, for help. However, Kev and Veronica end up behind bars, while Marty becomes a fugitive.

Elsewhere, Sheila is away on a cookery course, and Frank drunkenly burns down her kitchen and ends up in hospital.

Once released, he is shocked by the changes that have occurred back on the estate and finds himself in a tricky situation when Monica makes it clear why she has returned.

Frank is desperate to keep the fact that he's still married to estranged wife Monica from Sheila, and Monica isn't making it easy for him as she continues to sexually pursue him.

But Sheila can see that she has competition for Frank and conspires with Debbie to reunite Monica and Norma.

But is Monica still a lesbian, and will she give up her fight for Frank and her kids? Rejecting his family's offer of a "big job," Jamie is determined to stay on the straight and narrow, getting himself a job and a room at The Jockey.

But he soon comes into conflict with Karen. Monica has finally managed to seduce Frank, but he dare not tell Sheila that he and Monica have been sleeping together despite his promises to his wife.

Sheila proves to be a frightening adversary when scorned, and Frank could be in danger. Neither Sheila nor Monica is willing to share him, so Frank must decide which wife he wants; the future of his family depends upon his decision.

Meanwhile, tragedy strikes the Maguires when Jamie's past crimes lead to the brutal murder of one of his brothers, sending Paddy and Shane on the path of revenge against the family's rival.

Can Jamie prevent a turf war? Elsewhere, there's a tough new PC on the beat in Chatsworth, Carrie Rogers Amanda Ryan , and she takes an instant dislike to most of the residents.

Voice-over: Sheila Jackson. First appearance : PC Carrie Rogers. Ian gets more than he bargained for when he gets involved with Anna, a girl on the run from Paddy.

Offering to help Anna escape Chatsworth, Ian begins to develop feelings for her, and they end up in bed together.

Lip, Mandy, and even Frank get caught in the crossfire when Paddy discovers his enemies lie close to home. As his plan proceeds, Ian is faced with a big decision: will he leave Chatsworth with his new love?

Meanwhile, Kash looks set to throw away everything Yvonne has worked for, and when even she turns against him, he is forced to take drastic measures to bury his debts.

Elsewhere, Mimi is convinced that she is cursed after another member of the Maguire family is murdered, while Jamie and Karen try to outdo each other in the fun run.

After being kicked out of Sheila's by an estate agent, Frank is forced to move back in with his kids, and Debbie couldn't be happier to have her dad back home.

Monica, however, isn't happy with the attention Frank is giving his daughter and tells Debbie it's time she found a boyfriend, so Debbie starts dating a Catholic boy called Luke, only for Frank to ruin her new romance and, eventually, his close relationship with his daughter.

Meanwhile, Jamie proposes to Karen, who immediately accepts. This causes tension within the Maguire family, especially with Mimi, who sets out to prove that Karen is nothing more than a tart.

Bringing Karen along on a robbery job, Mimi lures her into a trap with a security man. But Karen finds an ally in another Maguire child.

But the affair gets out of control when Mickey falls in love with Ian and risks revealing his sexuality to Paddy.

It's Monica's birthday, and Carl is desperate to have his family back together; that means getting rid of Norma.

However, he ends up striking an unlikely bond with his mother's lover. Meanwhile, Karen - pushed too far by a devious Mimi - ends her relationship with Jamie, leaving him heartbroken.

Trying to make their son happy, Mimi and Paddy kidnap Karen and try to bully her into marrying Jamie. Elsewhere, Frank agrees to drive Shane's ice cream van the Maguires use it as a cover for dealing, so now Frank has E's on tap!

Meanwhile, Kelly returns to Chatsworth, only to discover her brother has left the estate, forcing her to move in with Lillian.

And Stan finds Carrie's future as a copper rests in his hands when her aggression gets out of control. Frank and Monica's marriage becomes strained, and Monica vents her anger by sleeping with Norma.

Realising Norma is splashing the cash, Frank tries to steal her money. When Norma catches him, she makes an allegation of rape against him, and he ends up in court.

Desperate to win Monica back, Norma offers to drop the charges Meanwhile, explosions create fears that Chatsworth is a terrorist target.

Paddy is certain the Maguires are under attack, and fears yet another death within his family is just around the corner. His problems escalate when Mickey and Shane lose some Semtex meant for dangerous associates of his.

Elsewhere, Yvonne starts up a call centre and recruits Lip and Lillian to help her. Lip finds himself attracted to one of the callers - a transvestite - while Tom takes drastic measures to stop Carrie from transferring to another station.

Paddy is shaken when he learns of the deaths of his three former cellmates. To add to his worries, Jamie is about to marry Karen, and Mimi will stop at nothing to sabotage the day.

Paddy sets out on a dangerous mission to finally confront his enemies, but he uncovers a web of lies, betrayal, and murder involving Jamie, his deceased son, Fergal, and his most trusted associates.

Meanwhile, Norma has finally won Monica back, and the pair make plans to go travelling. Desperate not to lose his mother again, Carl tries to reunite Monica and Frank.

Elsewhere, Yvonne's world comes crashing down when her house is repossessed due to Kash's debts, and Lip makes a shocking discovery about Mandy that tests their relationship.

Voice-over: Paddy Maguire. Just another drunken night out turns into a nightmare for Frank when he mistakes an electrical generator for a urinal.

At hospital, he's told that tests show he has a heart condition and may only have a few days left to live.

As he endures on a drinking binge, he is haunted by his year-old self, and desperately tries to find what legacy he will leave behind if he dies.

Meanwhile, Lip returns from University. Mandy and the Gallaghers welcome him with open arms. But Lip's world is thrown into turmoil when a face from his past arrives, which forces Mandy to confront the fact that their relationship is not as indestructible as she thought.

Paddy Smith, who is Mimi's ex-boyfriend as well as Paddy's business rival, arrives in Chatsworth. He makes a comment about Mimi's weight, not knowing that she can hear.

Mimi takes this personally and begins worrying that she is not good enough for Paddy, leaving Paddy living in Mickey's new limo.

Can Mandy reunite her parents? Meanwhile, Carl is humiliated at school when he discovers Ian is dating his teacher. Elsewhere, Norma tries to make her dormobile more homely, but she regrets asking Shane for help when she is caught up in his antics with a snake.

And Frank saves Paddy's life and uses it to get free drinks. When Monica starts getting visions of nursery rhyme characters, she knows what's going on: she's having another baby.

But the Gallaghers, especially Frank, are not so pleased at the idea, prompting Monica to make an attempt at regaining her children's love by acting motherly, which leaves them pining for the old Monica.

Meanwhile, The Jockey is robbed on the eve of Mimi's surprise birthday party. Jamie, Mickey, Ian, and Shane are under strict instructions from Paddy to find the furniture in time for the party without Mimi finding out.

However, the future of the pub is put in jeopardy by the arrival of a brewery inspector. Elsewhere, Stan falls in love with a foreigner, but Carrie and Tom fear he is being conned.

When people think Frank's won the lottery, he's not about to say otherwise with endless free drinks coming his way.

Debbie, however, knows the truth. But Frank is reluctant to listen, until his youngest son, Liam, is kidnapped.

Eschewing the police, Frank turns to Paddy to save his son. To make matters worse, Monica begins using Norma's credit card, and Norma expects Frank to repay with his lottery winnings.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Karen's marriage is strained when Jamie discovers Karen's long list of lovers, including Frank and The Jockey's delivery man.

Will he be able to accept his wife's dodgy past, or is their marriage over before it's even begun? Elsewhere, Mickey gets himself and Ian arrested for stealing a bed, and he uses the situation to pursue his former lover again.

With the local council allotting money to the new Young Mayor, Debbie sees a chance to save money for the whole estate.

However, when Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar wins, he turns Chatsworth into a beach, and he turns nasty when Debbie attempts to challenge him.

Meanwhile, Shane falls in love with Kelly, unaware that she is now working at Lillian's, but it appears there's a genuine spark between the pair.

Elsewhere, Stan accidentally runs over an old woman. He is then forced to confront his eyesight problems, which puts both his and Carrie's careers on the line.

When Katie mistakes a bag of ecstasy for sweets, Mandy orders the Gallaghers to throw Frank out of the house.

Receiving no support from his family, Frank begins sleeping rough, and Liam, fearing he will have to take care of Monica's baby, joins his father, and the pair strike up a bond.

Meanwhile, Mickey's on a mission to show his father that he is just as reliable as Jamie, but when he loses a bag of cocaine to a rival business, he and Ian face dangerous territory while trying to get it back.

Elsewhere, Paddy makes his disapproval of Shane and Kelly's "romance" clear, and he pays her to leave Chatsworth, leaving Shane devastated.

A gas leak at the Gallaghers brings sexy fireman Sean into Ian's life. But Ian's new romance unexpectedly reunites him with his biological father, Gary Bennet, and he is forced to uncover a sickening truth about the people he holds dear.

Meanwhile, Frank is confined to a wheelchair after another drunken mishap, and he uses the opportunity to get out of Monica's antenatal classes.

But he finds himself being hunted down by Stan and Tom. And Carl begins a passionate affair with his girlfriend's mother, only for it to backfire when she leaves her husband.

On the bus to a restart course, Frank has the briefest of encounters with a beautiful stranger, Rosie.

Within days, he finds himself falling in love and turning into a new man, but the stage is set for heartache when Norma discovers his affair.

Meanwhile, Debbie invites two Americans to stay with the Gallaghers in order to raise money for a family holiday, but she clashes with Brandi, a religious beauty who is a hit with the men of Chatsworth.

Liam discovers Brandi is not as innocent as she seems to be. Elsewhere, Lillian is placed in witness protection when an armed robber, whom she identified, goes on the run.

Monica has an unexpected visitor, her mother Joan Anne Reid , who no one's seen for 20 years, and her arrival forces Monica to relive painful memories from her childhood, and the family are shocked to discover Joan has got Alzheimer's disease , while Frank attempts to hide a dark secret that he shares with his mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Shane begin stealing cars to pay for a house party when Paddy and Mimi go on holiday, but Liam proves to be more successful than them, forcing them into a partnership with the youngster.

Jamie's ex-cellmate Mark comes to stay, but Karen doesn't trust him and orders Jamie to ask him to leave. Meanwhile, Paddy encourages Carl to take part in a boxing match.

Determined to show people that he is not just a loser, Carl begins training for the match. But Paddy has an ulterior motive for asking Carl's help.

And, Norma is depressed after seeing how loved up Frank and Monica have become, so she begins dating Yvonne's sister-in-law.

When Paddy's caught on camera for an armed robbery, Mimi begs him to call his brother, Noel. But Paddy has a dark history with his sibling and would rather go to jail.

Determined not to let the family fall apart, Mimi invites Noel to Chatsworth, hoping the estranged brothers will make peace.

Meanwhile, Frank's latest bender has left the Gallaghers in debt to the Maguire's, while Debbie and Liam set on a money-making spree, Ian steals from the Jockey, and when Karen and Jamie accuse the new member of staff, he takes revenge by setting the pub on fire after closing time.

Has Ian's desperation cost The Maguire's the pub? When Stan gets caught in the crossfire between Yvonne and her kids, a full-blown row puts their relationship on the rocks.

Things go from bad to worse when Yvonne, along with her children and Frank, find themselves held at gunpoint in the shop. Meanwhile, Carl decides to join the army, but a concerned Ian and Jamie recruit an ex-soldier to show Carl that it's not as adventurous as he thinks.

And, Monica fears something will go wrong during the birth of her seventh child. Mandy is persuaded into going on a blind date. It seems like she's struck gold, until her first night of sex and drugs turns into a living nightmare, not just for her, but for Jamie, Ian and Karen, as the foursome find themselves covering up a murder, but Frank may have discovered the truth.

Meanwhile, Chesney is tired of Yvonne's strict nature and seeks solace at the Maguire's, where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Paddy and Mimi, but they end up putting his life in danger.

And, Mickey organises a limo party. After Mandy gets arrested for suspected drug running, she forms the unlikeliest of friendships with Tom, who is attempting to track down his biological mother.

Meanwhile, Mimi is accused of being too aggressive, so she adopts a more caring nature, but her softer side begins redeeming the local junkies, and driving the Maguire's most frequent customers away.

And, Monica continues to keep Frank awake at night, and when he begins falling asleep at the pub, he decides to act against her.

While enjoying another secret rendezvous, Debbie and Tom are forced to come to the aid of an assaulted woman.

Will Debbie ignore Frank's words and dump Tom, because she thinks it will make her family like her again, or will she listen to his words and stay with Tom but also try to get along with her family.

Meanwhile, Kelly returns to Chatsworth, revealing all about her and Paddy's deal, and when Shane attempts to stand up to his father, he ends up in hospital, ripping the Maguire family apart and forcing Mimi to take sides between her husband and her children.

And, Mandy and Ian's quest for love takes a shocking turn when they find themselves in bed together. When Manchester experiences an earth tremor, Monica's waters break and she goes into labour.

On the other side of Chatsworth, the same tremor knocks Frank off his bar stool and puts him in a coma, where he imagines himself as a big celebrity, with estranged son Ian as his agent.

Can Frank recover in time to see the birth of his ninth child and will his relationship with Ian survive? Meanwhile, Carl uses Katie as bait to seduce a local girl.

And, Kelly discovers she is pregnant with Shane's child. Ian is seriously assaulted and ends up in hospital. When he finally awakes, he discovers that he has amnesia, Not only can he not remember his friends and family.

Meanwhile, Debbie turns 16 and the Gallaghers celebrate in the only way they know how, a party, but Debbie starts to wonder if Tom is the right man for her, forcing him to make a grand gesture.

And, Frank and Monica are faced with an impossible challenge with their newborn baby, Stella. With the launch night of the newly redecorated Jockey looming, Jamie and Karen's marriage is strained, Karen is further infuriated when Jamie leaves most of the work down to her.

Will a lesbian encounter and the discovery of a skeleton re-ignite things? Meanwhile, Mickey goes to college, where he befriends a teacher and her husband - two swingers.

And, Carl's latest conquest, Maxine Donnelly Joanna Higson , gets her feet well and truly under the table at the Gallaghers, and takes Debbie on a night out.

Voice-over: Mickey Maguire. Frank falls victim to identity fraud and is horrified to discover his criminal record has been deleted, making him eligible for jury service.

Once in court, he meets a like-minded juror who seems to have taken a shine to him Meanwhile, Mickey and Shane start up a touring company to scam tourists, but Carrie is onto them.

Carrie tracks Mickey to a warehouse, where the pair strike up an unlikely bond, Mandy moves out of the Gallagher home to live with Jamie and Karen at The Jockey.

Feeling unwanted by Frank, Monica decides to go and see a hypnotist who is performing at The Jockey in hope of re-igniting her and Frank's love life, but the result has the opposite effect when she ends up seducing the hypnotist.

Meanwhile, Mandy goes to the next step in her relationship with Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , with a little help from Karen, but a misunderstanding with Kelly leads to a painful experience for both Joe and Mandy, while Jamie tries to spice up his sex life.

And, Carl discovers he has an STD and faces the task of tracking down all of his lovers. Voice-over: Monica Gallagher.

Karen and Jamie's marriage is put under strain when Karen suffers a miscarriage, Things get even worse by the interference of the Maguires and a decision from Mimi that rocks Jamie and Karen for good.

Meanwhile, Frank, Norma, Debbie and Monica accompany Liam on a trip to Blackpool when he wins a part in an advertisement for Child Abuse, and Frank accidentally lands himself a part in the advertisement.

And, Tom takes his prank war with Stan too far, threatening both of their careers. A DSS officer arrives at the Gallaghers, enquiring about benefits.

When the officer discovers the extent of the Gallaghers' benefit fraud, Frank decides to corrupt him by using alcohol and drugs, but Monica takes a much personal approach, which widens the rift between her and Frank.

Meanwhile, Carrie receives promotion and jumps at the chance to flee the estate, and when Tom's career completely falls apart, Stan is left heartbroken by the loss of his two friends, while Carl grows suspicious of Mickey's sexuality and sets a trap for him.

And, Paddy wakes up tied to a bed, not knowing how he got there. At first, he thinks it's a dirty trick set by his new lover, but the truth is set to change his life forever.

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